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  • About Mirage Groups.,

    Mirage Entertainment Group established in the year 1997 to promotes Indian culture on the Global Scenario and has successfully achieved a unique position in Films, Glamour, Fashion and  Entertainment World.

  • Our Upcoming Events & Films

    Miss Khoobsoorat -2017, Mr. & Miss Attitude -2017, Khoobsoorat Jewells of India Awards -2017,

    Film : Miss Khoobsoorat , Short Film: Jihaad

    Music Album : Khawaboh ka Sahar

  • Why Choose Us?

    One of the leading Production House that promoting  and Establish New Talent  &  New Products by Producing Film, Musical Album, Fashion Shows & Beauty Pageant & Various Entertainments in India And Abroad.

    • We Are Creative
    • Honest And Dependable
    • Quality Commitment
    • We Are Always Improving